List of best Free web Proxy sites [April 2013]

List of proxy sites to open blocked sites

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Selected Proxies

http://UnblockingProxy.net9766 days
http://abigproxy.com19452 weeks
http://UnblockingYouTube.net17833 weeks
http://FreeWebProxyServer.net25164 weeks 36951 month

New Proxies

http://qfreshuota.tkGlype Proxy452 minutes
http://REGULARA.TKGlype Proxy253 minutes
http://jfetpp.tkGlype Proxy253 minutes
http://instituteofcpas.tkGlype Proxy155 minutes
http://visalist.tkGlype Proxy156 minutes
http://SPECTACULARCYLINDER.TKGlype Proxy258 minutes
http://applianceindustry.tkGlype Proxy158 minutes
http://americanassociation.tkGlype Proxy259 minutes
http://jumpeer.tkGlype Proxy62 hours
http://hostcollege.infoGlype Proxy53 hours
http://phpproxy.euGlype Proxy187 hours
http://anti-pollutionindustry.tkGlype Proxy2611 hours
http://jfetnn.tkGlype Proxy1811 hours
http://lightcinema.tkGlype Proxy1511 hours
http://JARSPROXY.TKGlype Proxy1411 hours
http://accountingsystem.tkGlype Proxy811 hours
http://secretmeet.tkGlype Proxy1511 hours
http://FRESHLYSERVE.TKGlype Proxy1211 hours
http://safe-account.tkGlype Proxy911 hours
http://articulations.tkGlype Proxy812 hours
http://largeassets.tkGlype Proxy712 hours
http://npn-photo.tkGlype Proxy812 hours
http://explosiveatomic.tkGlype Proxy612 hours
http://inductor3.tkGlype Proxy412 hours
http://motorservo.tkGlype Proxy512 hours
http://assemblyindustry.tkGlype Proxy412 hours
http://inductoriron.tkGlype Proxy512 hours
http://brewingwork.tkGlype Proxy2014 hours
http://high-techmeter.tkGlype Proxy1014 hours
http://fastelectro.tkGlype Proxy914 hours
http://capbuffer.tkGlype Proxy1014 hours
http://biggestbehalf.tkGlype Proxy814 hours
http://artisanindustry.tkGlype Proxy814 hours
http://animalindustry.tkGlype Proxy414 hours
http://unlockbell.tkGlype Proxy914 hours
http://lampnedn.tkGlype Proxy915 hours
http://secretflight.tkGlype Proxy615 hours
http://batteryabound.tkGlype Proxy315 hours
http://artificialpetroleum.tkGlype Proxy315 hours
http://dpy3-seg.tkGlype Proxy415 hours
http://safeantenna.tkGlype Proxy415 hours
http://spygun.infoGlype Proxy2620 hours
http://brainjob.tkGlype Proxy211 day
http://armsindustry.tkGlype Proxy291 day
http://alcoholicbeverage.tkGlype Proxy171 day
http://topmiscellaneous.tkGlype Proxy161 day
http://books-shop.tkGlype Proxy201 day
http://armamentindustry.tkGlype Proxy211 day
http://airlineadvertising.tkGlype Proxy121 day
http://generalic.tkGlype Proxy131 day
http://ithidden.infoGlype Proxy211 day
http://hilayla.tkGlype Proxy281 day
http://advangtagebenefit.tkGlype Proxy231 day
http://historymuseum.tkGlype Proxy161 day
http://tipscience.tkGlype Proxy191 day
http://priceelement.tkGlype Proxy211 day
http://reactionfab.tkGlype Proxy191 day
http://socioltechnology.tkGlype Proxy141 day
http://potentialhidden.tkGlype Proxy91 day
http://perceptibledifferences.tkGlype Proxy101 day

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7 Proxy Sites said... on 

You can add to the list

maria said... on 

nice !
also add

workin web proxies

Smith said... on 

Almost all of them are NOT anonymous, unfortunately.
Check them with ProxyCop and you'll see.

yassin Proxynet said... on 

you can use this web proxy:

is very useful

Anonymous said... on 

Hello Smith,
above you said is not anonymous and listed proxies are anonymous . can you please explain what is difference between them?
i use because i dont have to see any advertisement while browsing.
so please tell me what is difference between these proxies?
i also want to to create my own proxies so i want to know how can i make anonymous proxies.
thank you smith

Access Blocked Sites said... on 

Great List of proxy sites ...Thanks for sharing..

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